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Netflix, Inc.

Version : 7.71.0 build 9 35074

Are you looking for TV shows and movies from around the world that are currently the topic of conversation? It's all on Netflix. We have award-winning series, films, documentaries, and stand-up comedy specials.
Just choose the title you want to watch, we will take care of the application to make it better.
What you’ll love about Netflix:

• We’re adding TV shows and movies all the time. Browse new titles that exist or search for your favorite titles, and watch the videos live on your device.
• The more titles you watch, the smarter Netflix will suggest TV shows and movies that you’ll love.
• One account can be created for a maximum of five profiles. Each family member can set their own Netflix viewing profile according to their individual tastes.
• You can enjoy a viewing experience that is safe for children, with entertainment suitable for families.
• There are short clips of various video series and films. You can also receive notifications every time there are new episodes and titles.
• Save data. Just download the titles on your mobile device and watch them offline, wherever you are.

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